Hyundai Wants To Put The Control In Your Hands

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We have already seen a few automakers taking advantage of the smartphone tech and now Hyundai has also announced their latest app for the Hyundai and Kia EV models.

With the new app, Hyundai and Kia EV model owners can now adjust some of the performance settings on their device. This will include the torque, speed limits, throttle response, braking response, climate control energy and more. That means the owner can now decide if they want more speed or longer range when they get behind the wheels.

Hyundai also highlighted the fact that the settings can be shared to carried forward which means the driver would be able to get into another Hyundai or Kia EV model and apply the same setting to the other car without having to make the adjustment again. This can come in handy with the car-sharing program.

Hyundai and Kia also added that we will see this feature offered in their future model but no release window was given.