ICE-Powered Vehicles Getting Kicked Out By EVs?

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Electric vehicles are getting more and more attention now and it has been predicted that the electric vehicles will make up of half of all passenger car sales by 2040 but which could mean a lot of things for the auto industry.

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, it is predicted that EVs could actually make up of 57% of all new cars sold globally by 2040 as the sals of conventional passenger cars are already at its peak right now.

With the rate that things are going, the EV models might actually match the price of the ICE powere vehicles. They are already cheaper to operate right now and it would not take long for Es to overtake traditional cars.

We can also expect battery prices to drop which would only mean good news for electric car buyers. Having to juice it up with electricity instead of gasoline and diesel fuel will also be more cost efficient for the buyers.

Do you think EV will be where the future is at?