Infiniti Project S May Just Be The Next Nissan Z!

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It is no secret that Infiniti is currently working on a new sports car and the vehicle is called the Project S. Today, at the Paris Motor Show, a production-ready concept got unveiled and it confirms on the numbers with the Project S.

Infiniti revealed that the car will rely on a twin-turbo 3L V6 engine with some electric motors. This will create a combined output of 563hp – a massive figure for a sports car from Infiniti.

While such an offering looks worthy of a celebration, the fans are somewhat divided in their views on the Project S. This cannot be avoided as the car looks like what a next-gen Nissan Z could’ve been if Nissan does not delay its development.

As for the Project S, Infiniti is likely to hand the vehicle one major unveiling before officially launching the car on a global scale. Are you excited?

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  1. Chuck Wishing

    October 4, 2018 at 4:27 pm

    What an ugly car …. looks like Pep Boys special design (that hideous wing thing). Or maybe a Maxima ate an Altima and barfed it up? I have a 370Z and am waiting for a redesign. If it is anything like this count me out. Probably one of the ugliest rear ends I have ever seen on a car. HP aside, I can’t take an ugly sports car — would rather drive a truck.