Infiniti QX Inspiration Crossover EV Ditches Grille

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Grille might slowly be becoming a thing of the past and more and more vehicles are coming in with an electric engine. Since there is no need to cool down the electric engines with the grille, some automakers are opting to leave the grille out since it does not serve any purpose now.

Infiniti has started showing off their next concept car which will be on display at the Detroit Auto Show called the Infiniti QX Inspiration Crossover EV concept.

The first thing that people will notice is the flush front which is where the grille ussually sits in. It looks like there is still a little grille with metallic trim on the top and bottom.

It is clear that this will come in as an electric crossover model but Nissan did not reveal what the vehicle will be getting underneath the hood.Nissan has also made it clear that they will be releasing more full electric vehicles and that this new concept could come with an e-Power series hybrid powertrain where the gas engine would work as a generator.