Insider Writes Off Toyota S-FR Chances, Dismisses 86’s Power Upgrades

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There have been a lot of talks on the return of the “Three Brothers” in Toyota’s line-up and this is especially after the carmaker confirmed on the next-gen Supra. When the Supra arrives, it will be the second vehicle in the “Three Brothers” that will to boost Toyota’s sporty reputation.

Then, there is the third sports car which many are convinced that it will be the S-FR. It is an assumption that cannot be avoided as Toyota did brought out the S-FR concept back in 2015.

But today, an insider who claims to be an engineer within Toyota revealed that Toyota has scrapped the S-FR project. Instead of venturing into the roadster scene, Toyota is said to be working on a sports car that will fit in perfectly between the 86 and the Supra.

We are personally shocked by this claim because the gap in power between the 86 and the Supra is about 60hp. Having the third ‘brother’ fitted between the two will only minimalize the power differences between the three sports cars and this doesn’t sound like a good business decision.

If it does come true, however, the release of the third sports vehicle with about 230hp will only dismiss every chance for the 86 to overcome its controversial underpowered setup.