Is Ford Forcing Consumers To Get Mustang GT350 Without The R?

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If you have to decide between the Ford Mustang GT350 and GT350R, which would you pick? The likely answer is the GT350R and this is because the car is more loaded than the GT350. But if this is a serious purchasing decision, you might not even look at the GT350R.

This cannot be helped as there is a massive price gap between the GT350 and GT350R. The worst part about it is that the extras on the GT350R are no worth that extra $25,000.

The GT350R is about 140lbs lighter, comes with carbon fiber wheels and a rear wing. Everything else is identical to the standard GT350 and this is why we suspect that Ford purposely placed an extremely high sticker price on the GT350R in order to get consumers to lean towards the GT350.

Heck, it explains why many have opted to purchase the GT350 with the Track Package as it seems more worth the money. The carbon fiber wheels can always be purchased at an aftermarket store and you will still save a lot of money from buying the GT350R.

So, is Ford subliminally controlling consumers’ purchase?