Is This The End Of The Audi R8?

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What you’re looking at above is an official teaser image of a supercar concept from Audi. The car is hoping to make its debut at a major motoring event later this year and that is when it will boast its revolutionary EV setup.

Everything about the vehicle sounds exciting until reports surfaced online claiming that the car will be replacing the Audi R8. The word is that the R8 will be going away as it can’t settle for downsizing and the replacement will be an all-electric package as pictured above.

If true, then the current R8 is likely to go through one final refresh before it faces the axe. There is no telling on when the next-gen supercar will arrive but judging by the pace of development, we’re looking at 2022.

But of course, we could be wrong and the R8 will be sold alongside the future eTron supercar. All will be revealed before 2018 ends.