Jaguar C-Pace Must Not Repeat E-Pace Mistakes!

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Jaguar’s crossover family has been growing steadily since the release of the F-Pace and the E-Pace. Now, the British luxury carmaker is looking towards launching yet another model, the C-Pace.

Despite still being an unofficial product, the C-Pace has been quoted by several sources as a vehicle that is in the works and insiders are confident that the crossover will make its debut next year.

Today, a new report has surfaced online claiming that the C-Pace will be smaller than the E-Pace and there is a possibility for the crossover to have a coupe-like layout.

Well, we personally don’t mind seeing Jaguar expanding their line-up. What we are hoping from the carmaker is for them to not repeat the mistakes of the E-Pace.

Unlike the F-Pace which has managed to sell well, the E-Pace has missed its mark and this is due to lacking in luxuries, as well as high quality finish inside the cabin. It would have been fine if Jaguar simply scaled down the F-Pace and call it the E-Pace.

The C-Pace must not repeat that mistake and it must have a general stance for Jaguar’s brand of luxuries. Failing to do so may spoil Jaguar’s route to global glory.