Jaguar F-Pace Needs Double Boost To Beat Volvo XC90!

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Volvo and Jaguar are two premium carmakers that are closely compared to one another and this is due to the fact that they both lack the volume of the luxury brands from Germany. Furthermore, both Volvo and Jaguar have a very similar line-up hence making them fitting for comparison.

Today, our focus will be on sales and through the flagship of SUVs from both companies. We have the Volvo XC90 and the Jaguar F-Pace. The two vehicles have been contesting each other for a long while now and it looks like we can already know the winner. It is the XC90.

April 2018 sales data has confirmed a total of 2,282 XC90 were sold by Volvo and this is about double the numbers of the Jaguar F-Pace over the same period of time. Jaguar only moved 1,059 F-Pace and it will need a big update should it want to narrow the gap with the XC90.

While the XC90 sold in April 2018 may be short of the achievement in 2017, Volvo can be glad knowing that the YTD sales of the large SUV is significantly better at 9,671 units.