Jaguar I-Pace Exposed For Having Worst EV Efficiency!

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When someone says EV, we would immediately think of cars that are built to reduce dependency on fossil fuels and they will also help putting the brakes on the destruction of the environment.

But this perception on EVs have changed ever since we read up a report of the Jaguar I-Pace from European Independent EV’s real range test. The new EV regulator in Europe that measures how good an EV is based on the driving range has basically confirmed that the I-Pace is not the best of the bunch.

In a test comparing 10 different electric cars, the I-Pace was ranked the highest in energy consumption. The vehicle basically consumes 27.5kWh of energy for every 62 miles travelled.

This is a significant jump from its competitors and it got us curious to see where the I-Pace has been wasteful in electrical consumption. Any ideas?