Jaguar I-Pace vs Tesla Model X: Performance vs Features!

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Jaguar’s first ever full-electric CUV, the I-Pace, has finally made its debut and this has left a section of the consumers thinking on whether they should get the vehicle or pay more for the Tesla Model X?

Well, it all depends on your wallet as well as your preferences. We actually gave this a lot of thought and it got us to see which vehicle can offer the better deal. Starting with price, the Model X cost about $85,000 and this is about $18,000 more expansive than the I-Pace.

But even with a fatter MSRP, the Model X is better equipped with features such as 20” wheels, Falcon doors, panoramic roof, LED headlights, front fog lights, power seats, heated mirrors, air suspension and a power liftgate. These are all not included on the basic I-Pace and you need to spend more for them.

In terms of performance however, the I-Pace is the better name as it can accelerate faster and cover more miles without charging than the Model X in its basic form.

It is hard to pick a winner in this contest and you will need to see your budget and the things you want on your ‘luxury’ EV. If performance is all that matters, then by all means get the I-Pace. If you have a limitless budget, you may as well settle for the Model X P100D.