Jaguar Not Done With Sports Car Yet

While some automakers are choosing to lay low when it comes to their sports car offering, Jaguar seems to think that there will be a demand for it soon as it was hinted that they might be working on a new sports car.

According to Julian Thomson, one of the company’s top executives, while Jaguar only has one sports car, the F-Type to offer now, they are hoping to do more than one.

Of course, it does not feel like a sports car is in demand right now as people are either looking for crossovers and SUVs or cleaner vehicles but Thomson seems to think that the demand for a sports car will return once more.

While him being interested in one does make things more interesting, it is far from a confirmation that a second sports car will be coming our way. While we wait for that, we can also look forward to seeing the updated F-Type coming our way.

Author: Staff Reporter

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