Jaguar XE Joins Project 8 In Record-Breaking Spree

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It seems that breaking track records have turned into a new hobby for Jaguar. The past month or so saw the upcoming Jaguar SV Project 8 setting new lap records on several high-profile road course and this has raised expectations for the car to become the world’s fastest sedan.

But today, a different model from Jaguar has successfully taken the headlines off the Project 8 through setting a new record at Circuit de Charade. The car, specifically the XE 300 Sport, was sent to the abandoned track where it sets a new fastest time around a lap.

This is impressive for a car that relies on a 296hp 2L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine and not a 592hp mill like the SV Project 8. The 4:9.00 timing achieved by the XE 300 Sport makes I officially faster than every other production sedan that has raced on the old circuit.