Jaguar XE Project 8: Speed Surprise Spoiled In New Leak

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The XE Project 8 is the next major vehicle to come from Jaguar and it promises to become the world’s fastest luxury sports sedan yet.

Since the start of this year, Jaguar has never stopped teasing the XE Project 8 and one of their reveals confirmed that the car will have an output of 592hp. This translates to 89hp more than the Mercedes-AMG C63 and a whopping 167hp more than the BMW M3.

Well, if that is not insane enough for you, a dyno test was performed on the XE Project 8 and it saw the vehicle having more power than what was revealed by Jaguar.

In figures, the 5L V8 was found with an output of 601hp and 506ft-lbs of torque. For a good look at this, you can refer to the dyno clip below.