Jaguar XF S: No More Excuses For Wagon-Heads

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Participating on various online automotive forums will show you the great deal of love towards wagons here in the US but this contradicts to the local market that is heavily lacking in exciting wagons.

Well, this is no longer the case today as Jaguar has officially started selling the XF S Sportbrake here in the US and it is one of the few wagons that have been praised widely by American enthusiasts.

With an opening price of $71,445, the XF S Sportbrake is not too out-of-reach for the working class and the car is also a lot cheaper than its rivals. But make no mistake about it as the lower MSRP does not translate to an insignificant luxury offering on-board.

The interior of the XF S Sportbrake has a high-quality finish and the powertrain completes and ultimately fun wagon package. The car runs on a V6 supercharged engine that can develop 380hp and 332ft-lbs of torque.

The XF S Sportbrake is by no means unattractive and we are really interested to see how well the vehicle will sell. Based on the comments on forums, the XF S Sportbrake is bound to become a bestseller but this is unless they are empty talks from the crowd.