Jeep Gladiator: Jeep Not Stopping There

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We have already seen what Jeep will be offering on their 2020 Jeep Gladiator but it looks like that might not be the end of it as new rumors suggest that Jeep might be working on a high-performance version of their Jeep Gladiator.

While Jeep has not confirm anything yet, this bit of information was revealed a users on the Jeep Gladiator Forum who said that he got it from an inside source. There is no way for us to confirm if this is true or not but if Jeep does work on something like that, it would be coming in to compete with models like the Ford F-150 Raptor and Chevrolet Colorado ZR2.

Seeing how well those two are doing, it is clear that there could be a market for a fast off-roader, some people feel that it is not neccesasry as Jeep also has the Gladiator Rubicon which can be considered a fast off-roader.

If Jeep wants the high-perforamnce model to stand out even more, they will have to give it even more power which at this point could mean a V8. That would mean more work and additional cost. What do you think?