Jeep Grand Cherokee: Sturdy Looks Can’t Hide Cheap Glass Quality

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Glass is a material that shatters easily and this is synonymous with the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The popular SUV from Jeep has a highly rated performance but unfortunately for the vehicle, it has the tendency to break down more often than most vehicles in the market.

This is ironic because the Grand Cherokee is widely perceived as a sturdy-looking SUV that can survive the apocalypse when the reality is that the vehicle is prone to getting recalled.

Over in Australia. The statistics have shown that there have been about 20 official recalls for the Grand Cherokee and this is significantly above the market average. The latest recall was made last month and it is due to a fault with the cruise control software that has affected 4,095 examples of the Grand Cherokee.

The quality issues with the SUV is endless and this is where FCA needs to improve on if it wishes to change the growing negativity in reliability surrounding their vehicles.