Jeep Renegade Pickup Not That Outrageous?

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A few years ago, if you told us that Jeep might think about turning their Jeep Renegade into a pickup truck, we would have laughed at that suggestion but right now, it does not feel that odd anymore.

Of course, Jeep has not said anything about turning the Jeep Renegade into a truck yet but artit KleberSilva think that if Jeep come out with one, it should come out looking like this.

The artist extended the rear end of the crossover. The vehicle still had all four of its doors and in the bed is the open bed. Overall, it does not look bad but it would have looked better with some additional styling features.

Actually, if you want to own a Jeep Renegade two door pickup, well, someboady actually created one last year and sold it on eBay. The vehicle got the attention of a few bidders and the creator ended up selling it off for $32,000 which is pretty steep since you could actually get a new Wrangler for much less.