Jeep Renegade To Get A Smaller Sibling In Europe

Even with all the offerings that Jeep has to offer right now, it looks like there is still some room for more as a new report suggests that Jeep could be working on a new sub-compact model that would come in to sit below the Jeep Renegade.

According to Automotive News, the smaller model has already been confirmed and that we can expect to see it in 2022. Marco Pigozzi from Jeep also added that the vehicle would not only be a real Jeep but it will also be made for everyday use.

It was also revealed that the new vehicle would be 10 inches shorter than the Renegade and would be the size of a Nissan Juke model. That is all the details we have now but it was also speculated that the new Jeep could come with some electrification so we will have to wait and see.

Author: Staff Reporter

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