Jeep Scrambler Gets Shaky With Off-Road Expectations

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The Scrambler is an upcoming midsized pickup truck from Jeep and it is built based on the latest generation Wrangler.

Just by checking out the spy shot above, you can easily see the Wrangler within the Scrambler and it seems like the difference between the two is with the pickup truck bed.

Keeping in mind that the Wrangler is an iconic vehicle in the all-terrain scene, the near-identical development of the Scrambler brings promises of similar greatness in all-terrain performance.

As much as we would love that outcome, we can’t help but to notice a potential problem with the Scrambler’s off-road ability. The length of the Scrambler looks too long in the shots and we fear that it may have a negative effect on the vehicle’s hill climbing ability.

But of course, we are not the ones engineering a vehicle here. Jeep must have done a thorough research on the matter for them to approve of the vehicle’s length – at least that’s how we hope it to be.