Jeep Scrambler: Lowering Off-Road Expectations

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Jeep is on the verge of making an entry into the midsized pickup truck scene and the move will be completed once the company launches the Scrambler.

The Scrambler is the name of the midsized pickup truck and it is being built based on the latest generation Wrangler. Spy shots on the Scrambler has made it simple to describe the vehicle as it sows the pickup truck looking near-identical to the Wrangler but with a pickup truck bed attached on its back.

The close relationship between the Wrangler and the Scrambler has raised the pickup truck’s off-road performance expectations but having high targets for the vehicle may just bring disappointment.

If you are to study the spy shot above, the Scrambler looks too long for its own good and this can penalize the vehicle’s off-road ability. The proportions have left us worried that the tailgate and wheel well on the Scrambler are prone to damages when tackling a steep hill.

But of course, it could be just our eyes playing tricks on us as we are confident that the engineers at Jeep has carefully calculated the ideal size for the Scrambler.