Jeep Scrambler May Tone Down On Wrangler Perks

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The Wrangler has long been an icon in the all-terrain scene. As such, anything that is closely related to the vehicle will bring promise of an unrivalled off-road ability.

This brings us to the upcoming Jeep Scrambler – a midsized pickup truck that is based on the Wrangler. The vehicle is currently being pieced together at Jeep’s Toledo plant and it promises to be the best all-terrain vehicle in the pickup truck scene.

But then again, the latest spy shots are suggesting on an awry off-road experience with the Scrambler and this is due to the size of the vehicle. As how you can see above, the Scrambler has got a long bed and this can cause damages to the tailgate when approaching steep hill climbs.

The length of the Scrambler is a potential issue when off-roading but we cannot be certain about it until Jeep launches the vehicle. The verdict will be out next year.