Jeep Scrambler: Midsized Status Will Only Create Confusion

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It is no secret that Jeep is developing a brand new pickup truck and it will be one that is based on the new-generation Wrangler. The vehicle is confirmed to be called the Scrambler and it is expected to make its debut next year.

The only problem right now is that the Scrambler may create more confusion in the pickup truck scene and this is due to its size. Jeep quoted the Scrambler to be a midsized pickup truck but the spy shots, as pictured above, are suggesting full-sized measurements with the vehicle.

If the Scrambler is to turn up being only an inch smaller than the average full-sized pickup truck, Jeep may as well label it with the right terms instead of forcing the midsized tag non the vehicle. Having the midsized classification will only push other automakers to upsize on their offerings.

That aside, the Scrambler promises to become the best pickup truck in the scene as the Wrangler DNA promises an unbeatable off-road performance. Are you excited?