Jeep Scrambler To Double-Down On Wrangler’s Off-Road Ability

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The success of the new generation Wrangler has boosted the anticipation for Jeep’s next major vehicle, the Scrambler. The latter is a midsized pickup truck that is largely based on the Wrangler and this brings promise of the best off-road ability in the sharp-growing segment.

The details on the Scrambler are unknown at the moment but the spy shots have successfully painted a rough idea on what we can expect with the vehicle. As how you can see above, the Scrambler looks exactly like the Wrangler but with a long bed attached to its back.

With such a styling, there is no doubt that the powertrain and driving features will also be near-identical to the Wrangler. But on the downside of things, we feel that the length of the Scrambler is too long for its own good and this can have a negative impact on the vehicle’s off-road ability.

One of the struggles for off-roaders is to perform a steep hill climb with a pickup truck. The length of pickup trucks has always been a problem as the tailgate will get smashed by the steep approach.

With the Scrambler promising a longer-than-average measurement, it will be tougher for the vehicle to tackle a sharp hill climb.