Jeep Scrambler: Will Off-Roading Be Inferior To The Wrangler?

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The all-new generation Wrangler has achieved a successful start in the market and this has raised the prospects for Jeep’s next gem, the Scrambler. The latter is a pickup truck that is being built based on the Wrangler and this is exactly why many are excited for it.

The Wrangler is a proven machine on the all-terrain scene and the Scrambler is likely to come with the same set of perks. We were hopeful for this until we came across a spy photo of the Scrambler above.

As expected, the Scrambler is pretty much identical to the Wrangler but with an added pickup truck bed. The latter is the thing that got us worried because the bed looks too long in length and this can complicate off-roading when tackling a steep angle.

But of course, this is entirely based on our observations and there is no guarantee of it. The verdict will be out when the Scrambler make its debut next year.