Jeep Scrambler: Wrangler’s Off-Road DNA May Not Work Well

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The Jeep Scrambler is one of the most anticipated vehicles right now as it promises the to offer the best all-terrain performance in the midsized pickup truck scene.

This is an expectation that is bred by the use of the latest Jeep Wrangler as the base model to create the Scrambler. Both vehicles will get produced at the Toledo plant and they will share a lot of parts with one another. Heck, spy shots of the Scrambler has already confirmed on a Wrangler design with a pickup truck bed attached to its back.

The similarities are endless hence the strong expectation for a revolutionary off-road performance on the Scrambler. But then again, the latest spy shot is signalling on a less capable off-roading experience in this is due to the sheer size of the Scrambler.

As how you can see above, the bed on the Scrambler looks excessively long and this can be a nightmare when approaching steep hill climbs. For all we know, the tailgate and spare tire well underneath the bed will be the areas that are prone to damage when off-roading on the Scrambler.

But of course, nothing is for certain at the moment and this perception is merely based on the spy shot image embedded above. The verdict will be out when the Scrambler make its debut next year.