Jeep Wrangler Hands BMW A Physical Parking Lesson

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One of our readers shared a highly interesting video with us today and it deserves to get more attention from the public. The video is basically about a Jeep Wrangler, handing a poorly-parked BMW a lesson in parking.

The clip shows a Wrangler stumbling upon a BMW that is parked in an open lot and the manner it was parked can be described as inconsiderate. The Jeep Wrangler driver then takes justice into its hands when it decided to push the BMW from its tail section to ensure it is parked properly inside the box.

Now, we personally have a strong hate for inconsiderate drivers but in BMW’s defense, the car was parked far away from the doorstep of the property. There are plenty of empty spaces in the lot hence it makes the poor parking position forgivable and not worthy of being punished by the Wrangler.

But of course, that is just our opinion on the matter. We would love to hear your thoughts on the above.