Jeep Wrangler: New Goal Is To Repel Away Its Clones!

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The Jeep Wrangler has survived the test of time to become a hugely popular, body-on-frame, all-terrain SUV. Just by checking out the latest generation Wrangler, you will see that the vehicle is technically an icon in the industry as it has raked-in record-breaking sales.

The success of the Wrangler has left various carmakers in a state of envy and there have been many attempts at competing with the vehicle. However, the outcome remains the same as the rivals didn’t manage to make profits thus leading them into discontinuation.

Fending off rivals is something which the Wrangler is good at but what if the competing vehicle is a clone of the SUV? We are referring to Mahindra’s line of all-terrain SUVs that has grown to become a prominent name in the markets it is in.

Mahindra has made it clear that they want to enter the US market in the near future and this was met with strong disagreement from Jeep. It gets more nightmarish for the American icon as Mexico has welcomed a number of Wrangler knock-off.

Jeep made it clear earlier today that they are doing all it takes to prevent the arrival of Mahindra in the US.