Jeep Wrangler Pickup: A Year Wait Can Save You Fortunes

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One of the most anticipated vehicles right now is the pickup truck from Jeep. The Wrangler-based vehicle is now being developed by Jeep and it is likely to make its debut next year.

But if you can’t wait until then, there is already a way for you to own a Wrangler-based pickup truck and that is through American Expedition. The tuning firm is now offering a makeover package that will transform a brand new Wrangler into a pickup truck.

However, we would advise you against taking this route because doing so can really cut a hole in your wallets. That’s because this upgrade alone costs about $42,000, almost double the starting price of the Wrangler itself.

The whole package is called the Brute Wrangler Pickup and it is simply not worth it. If you are able to wait a little longer, you will save a lot more while also getting the official Wrangler pickup.