Jeep Wrangler Steering Issue Causing Flaw Got NHTSA’s Attention

Jeep’s Wrangler has gotten the attention of NHTSA after it was suspected that some of the models built with a bad frame welds which could then lead to steering issues in the future.

The vehicle was looked into last year after a complained was received by the Office of Defects about a frame not being weld properly. The reports claim that the welds were porous with some having splashed or dripped. There were also some reports from owners about the wobbly steering.

The investigation will look into the claims that the welds issue could be related to the steering problems that so many owners seem to be experiencing.

No word on how long HTSA will take to come out with a verdict but they will be looking into Wrangler made from 2018 to 2019. This will not be the first time Jeep has had an issue with their frame as they did issue another recall last year after it was reported that the bracket of the SUV could be separated to the front part of the frame.

Author: Staff Reporter

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