Kia E-Niro Can’t Go As Far As Suggested

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When Kia first announced the range of the Kia e-Niro, they reported that with the 64kWh battery, the vehicle is capable of offering close to 301 miles of range on a single change but it looks like those numbers were incorrect.

According to the reports, the organization overseeing the WLTP cycle provided the wrong testing method and because of this error, the e-Niro ended up with a longer range. This error was found by Kia when they were testing out one of their future vehicles.

After the error was pointed out, a retest concluded that the Kia e-Niro EV could only offer about 282miles of range for the range-topping model while the more affordable model will only have 179miles to offer.

The long-distance model will be powered by an electric motor that offers about 201hp while the 39.2 kWh model will be offering about 134hp. The vehicle will also come fitted with a few techs to help with efficiencies like the Eco-Driving Assistant System, Coasting Guise Control, Predictive Energy Control and more.