Kia GT Signals Big Challenge For Ford ST & RS!

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Ford has achieved massive success from the ST and RS nameplates that are offered on their vehicles. The aforementioned nameplates act as high-performance trims for a particular model. Some example includes the Ford Fiesta ST200 and also the all-new Focus RS.

For Kia, they are about to make their big debut in the road-legal performance market and their launch vehicle is known as the GT. Kia confirmed that the GT Concept from 2011 is now being developed and it will arrive very soon.

Kia also added that the GT name will also be used as a label for high performance cars from the company. In other words, we may be witnessing the coming of the Forte GT and the Cadenza GT.

The GT trims, together with the GT cars itself, will be competing with other performance vehicles in the market, particularly the ST and RS from Ford. Will Kia be able to make an immediate impact?