Kia Optima/ K5 Teased Once More!

Kia has been teasing the upcoming third-generation Kia Optima a few times now with the latest teasers showing us two different take on the upcoming model.

Kia showed both the revolutionary take and the evolution take on the Kia Optima. While both versions have been lowered, widened and fitted with giant wheels, the evolutionary version looks more down to earth. More like something we will actually see on the road.

The revolutionary version, on the other hand, looks like it has just come out from SEMA with the coupe-like body shape, violet, and lavender paint and jutting front fascia.

The interior of the concept was designed to give more attention to the driver. The new Kia K5 will be making its debut in South Kora next month while the Kia Optima will only be coming our way next year as a 2021 model.

Author: Staff Reporter

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