Kia Putting More Work For Future EVs

Automakers continue to work on new tech for EV models of the future and it was now revealed that Kia is working on their charging technology for the future.

Kia did say that they are committing to offer 11 electric cars globally by 2025 and now they are working on an 800-volt charging system that will cut charging time while also reducing the weight of the vehicle.

So far, the only model that has this 800-volt tech is the Porsche Taycan but the upcoming Audi E-Tron GT production model will also be getting a similar tech. For Kia, they plan to start offering it on their EV models in Europe by 2021.

No details about these upcoming EVs were details but we do know that they are working on a new platform that these new EVs will be riding on. Hopefully, more details will be coming our way soon.

Author: Staff Reporter

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