Kia Seltos Name Officially Confirmed

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Although it was already leaked that the upcoming small crossover by Kia will be called after it was spotted uncovered out in the open, Kia has now officially announced that the name for the upcoming model will be Kia Seltos.

According to Kia, the name is inspired by Greek mythology and the legend of Celtos, the son of Hercules but choose to replace the C with the S to indicate that the vehicle will be all about speed and sportiness.

The Seltos was said to have been designed with the millennials in mind. Besides offering a more sporty exterior based on the SP concept that we saw earlier this year, the interior will also be fitted with a huge 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system and Sound Mood Lighting.

The Kia Seltos will be unveiled online later this month before arriving in the second half of this year