Kia Soul EV Will Have To Wait for A Little Longer

The new Kia Soul is interesting as it is but fans have also been looking forward to seeing the EV powered Kia Soul model that Kia promised when they announce the gasoline Kia Soul but it looks like they might have to wait a little longer now.

According to Kia, they will have to push back the Kia Soul EV model now. While they did not say why Green Car Reports reported that it might be because they are having some shortage of electric motors and battery pack supply which is why they had no choice but to push it back. As of now, the Kia Soul is expected to arrive as a 2021 model.

When the Kia Soul EV does arrive in the US, it will be offering an impressive 243miels of range and will be offering a nice 201hp output. There were also talks about the vehicle possibly being offered in more stats now unlike the last-gen model which was only offered in 13 states.

Author: Staff Reporter

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