Kia Soul Set To Enter Nissan Leaf Territory

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The latest Kia Soul is a really special vehicle from South Korea and this is partly because it comes with a full EV powertrain. Despite being limited to a single trim, the Soul EV ticks every box for a great green crossover as it can offer a decent range of about 90 miles.

Well, this is no longer good enough today as the industry is pushing towards 300 miles of driving range and beyond. The Soul EV may be able to offer just that but only through the next-gen model. Between now and then, the Soul EV is confirmed to get upgraded for adequate driving range.

Kia confirmed on this earlier today when they revealed on a range boost coming to the 2018 Soul. While the details are not provided, many sources are hinting a jump to 130 miles of driving range.

If so, then then the next Soul EV may just have enough juice to outpace the current bestselling EV – Nissan Leaf. The current Leaf can only manage 107 miles at best but its affordability makes it the number one choice around.

The Kia Soul EV’s sticker price is about $2,000 more than the Leaf but it would sound worthwhile if the range is a margin better. With that being said, the upgrades planned for the Soul EV are bound to make the car more attractive and we can’t wait to check out the official figures.