Kia Soul Stepping It Up Against Nissan Leaf

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We are months away from the release of the next-gen Nissan Leaf and we can’t wait to check out what the EV will have to offer. The Leaf promises to be a lot better than the current model and it is also expected to give the Tesla Model 3 a big fight.

Even so, it is wrong to see the next Leaf as a success this early on as it may not come true at all. Kia announced earlier today that they are planning a big upgrade for the Soul and it may just see the vehicle taking the attention away from the next-gen Leaf.

Kia said that the 2018 Soul will be matching the current Leaf’s 130 miles of driving range. Even without the upgrades, the Soul has been making a lot of gains in recent months and the improved model should push sales even further.

But of course, it will all go down to price. If the Kia Soul is unable to out-value the next Leaf, then the car is likely to fall behind its Japanese counterpart.