Kia Stinger GT Gets Cop Backing In Pursuit For Volume

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2018 has been an interesting year for Kia as it saw the South Korean carmaker launching their first-ever, road-legal sports car. The vehicle is called the Kia Stinger GT and it has achieved countless praises from every major automotive reviewer out there.

Every outlet found it easy to agree that the best perk with the Stinger GT is with the value which it has to offer. The Stinger GT has got the performance and quality that punches well above its price, and this is why it is one of the most attractive cars in the market right now.

Today, Kia Australia announced that the Stinger GT has turned into a huge success as they have successfully moved a large number of units in the country. The carmaker remarked that every Stinger GT that arrives in Australia gets sold off almost immediately. The insane demand for the vehicle is handing the company a big supply headache – but the positive kind.

In total, over 2,000 Stinger GT has been sold in Australia since its debut but breaking down the numbers will tell you that the car has gotten a lot help from the local authorities.

It has been covered before that the local cops have shown interest to utilize the Stinger GT as their choice patrol car. A large chunk of Stinger GT sold has gone to the authorities but Kia won’t bother too much with that little detail.