Kia Stinger GT v Ford Mustang GT: 0.49s Difference Is Already A Win For Kia!

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It was only last year when Kia decided that they want to start producing pure performance cars and their first product is the all-new Stinger GT. The sports sedan came out, greeted by a positive crowd and many are pleased with the performance which the vehicle has to offer.

But despite all the goodness that is with the Stinger GT, can the South Korean sports car compete against the likes of Ford Mustang GT?

The latter is equipped with a 5L mill that can develop 410hp. The Stinger GT, on the other hand, runs on a 3.3L twin-turbo V6 that can generate 365hp. If numbers are the only tool for this comparison, victory belongs to the Mustang GT but that isn’t the case just yet.

Enthusiasts over in Australia have decided to put together the two cars on the drag strip and the result is a mere 0.49 seconds difference in timing. Even if the Stinger GT ends up in second place, the narrow defeat can be viewed positively. So which car is faster? Find out below.