Kia Stinger Has Evolved Into A Crime-Fighting Machine

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What is there not like about the Kia Stinger? The sports car from South Korea has gained a lot of praises since it made its debut earlier this year and this is owed to the power which the vehicle has to offer.

But the real prize offering with the Stinger is its price. For less than $35,000, consumers can enjoy a twin-turbo setup with the vehicle.

Thanks to the Stinger’s great value, the law enforcers in Australia has placed a bulk order on the vehicle with hopes of turning it into the ultimate patrol car yet. This is a necessary move for the authorities to make as they will save a lot in cash and there’s also the fact that the Falcon and Commodore have been axed from the country.

The only odd bit here is that the Stinger will mark the first time for the law enforcers to mass-utilize a vehicle that is not made exclusively in Australia.