Koenigsegg Staff Show Suggests Tesla Models S & Mazda MX-5 Are Great Cars!

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For some, buying a car is so tough that they will try to dig out what the automotive engineers are driving in other to decide on their purchase. If you are among them, then we gave got some great news for you. Swedish supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg held a staff show to unveil the cars that their employees are driving.

As how you can see in the image gallery here, there is the Mazda MX-5 Miata, RAM 1500 and also the Tesla Model S. It is understood that the MX-5 belongs to one of the lead engineers and so is the RAM 1500. Their boss, on the other hand, is driving the Tesla Model S.

The fact that the crew that brought to you extreme cars from Koenigsegg relies on the aforementioned vehicles will suggest that they are great cars to own. For us, we prefer to stick to our interests when purchasing new cars instead of blindly following others, even if they are engineers from a prestigious car company.