Lamborghini Gallardo Caught Having Weird Ford Mustang Fetish

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Say that cars are living things. If a Ford Mustang is to mate with a Lamborghini Gallardo, the offspring will probably look like the car pictured above.

You’re probably thinking that the Mustang in the photo looks more or less like a standard Mustang so why Lamborghini? Well, this is probably because the Mustang in the picture is actually a Gallardo that has got its body converted to look like a Mustang.

Call it a work of retards or weird taste all you want but you got to respect the high-quality workmanship that produces this outcome.

We personally don’t know what the Gallardo owner was thinking and we don’t want to even begin thinking about it. What matters now is the Mustang-looking Gallardo and you can check it out more in detail here.