Lamborghini Urus Gets Most Irrelevant Package Option

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Lamborghini will be offering their Lamboeghini Urus SUV a new package and while we are all for new package, we don’t think this package is really that neccessary for the Urus.

Of course, when it comes to SUV, it is always nice to have an off-road package otpions for those looking to take their SUV out for a little drive off the beaten track but we just can’t see that happening for the Urus.

The new Off-Road Package will come with a few new features that would allow the Urus to take on some yougher roads. It will come with steel reinforcement on the numpers, brushed steel tailpipes, more ground clearance, roof rails and the Washing Package which will add sprinkles to the healdights, reversing camera and windshield.

The package will also come with a few driving modes Terra and Sabbia which will inlcudes traction while Neve can be used for snowy or icy roads. There is also the Standard, Sport and Corsa modes.

Do you think package is neccessary?