Lamborghini Urus Should Be Worried About Ferrari?

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Ferrari is also looking to jump in on the SUV action and while there is not a whole lot of details right now, it was reported that the Ferrari SUV would put the Lamborghini SUV to shame?

The only thing that has been confirmed right now is that Ferrari will be offering a new SUV and that it will have the Purosangue name but according to Car and Driver, Ferrari is not only looking to build an SUV but they are also looking to push the vehicle to new heights when it comes to the performance.

It is speculated that we will see a V8 engine that will be paired with some turbochargers or by hybrid option. The Urus is already offering about 64hp so we can expect the Ferrari to offer at least that.

Since this is new, we are also in the dark on how the vehicle will look like but it will be interesting to see what a Ferrari SUV should look like.

What are you hoping to see?