Land Rover Defender Will Be On Stand By Full Time

Land Rover will be bringing their Land Rover Defender to CES 2020 but not to show off the design since we have already seen that but to show off the new advanced electronics.

According to the reports, the Defender’s infotainment system will always be ready and on so that the vehicle can receive an update from Land Rover the moment there is one. The system does not shut down even when the car is off so if there is an update that arrives when the driver is away, everything will be up and ready when they come back.

It was also added that the Defender will come with a dual SIM card with one for streaming music and navigation and the other OTA updates. The 2020 Land Rover Defender will be going on sale this year and will come fitted with a turbocharged four-cylinder or turbo six-cylinder engine with the base model being offered for $50,925.

Author: Staff Reporter

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