Land Rover Defender Will Let Driver Control It From Afar

You won’t need to be behind the wheels to take control of the Land Rover Defender and drive it as Land Rover announce that they are working on a few techs that will let the driver control the vehicle from the outside.

According to the automaker, the driver will be able to drive the vehicle at a low speed outside of the vehicle. The feature will come in handy during offroad adventures as it will be easier for the driver to see where the vehicle is going from the outside and try to maneuver it out of danger.

As exciting as it sounds, there were no talks about when the tech will actually be arriving as Land Rover will probably have to work through a lot of permissions and regulations to get this out but if they are able to make it happen, we can see how this new feature will be useful to off-roader drivers.

Other automakers like Tesla and BMW have also offered tech that will allow the vehicle to move without needing to have the driver behind the wheels.

Author: Staff Reporter

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