Land Rover Gets A Trump Card Against Upcoming Ford Bronco Raptor

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Land Rover is nowhere near the level of Ford on the sales front but we can commend the British brand for growing at a rapid pace in recent months. This breed promises of greater SUVs getting produced by Land Rover and it gets more exciting when you learned that Ford’ Performance Chief has switched sides.

Jamal Hameedi made it official earlier today that he has departed Ford Performance after agreeing to a move to Jaguar Land Rover. The lad was the guy who oversee the development of the Mustang GT350 and the F-150 Raptor. He was also part of the team that discussed on the potential of the upcoming Bronco Raptor.

With Jamal switching sides and Land Rover being on an incline, we could be seeing a more insane version of the Ranger Rover Sport which can allow the vehicle to challenge the returning Ford Bronco.

But of course, it is unclear on what sort of post Jamal will hold in Jaguar Land Rover. If it’s not performance Land Rovers, the lad is likely to take charge of the company’s SVR program.