Land Rover Looking At Sedans To Escape Jaguar Affiliations!

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Both Jaguar and Land Rover belongs in the same group of companies called Jaguar Land Rovers and many believed that this is the reason why Land Rover has not ventured into compact cars and sedans.

Well, that will look to change in the near future after Land Rover made it clear that their affiliations with Jaguar won’t stop them from practicing a healthy rivalry with the carmaker.

The details are unclear at the moment but we believe that the statement is a hint of a line-up expansion for Land Rover. This expectation has been strengthened earlier today when JLR was caught trademarking the name Road Rover.

Land Rover has been building vehicles with plenty of off-roading in mind hence it is safe to assume that the Road Rover will be tailored for proper roads only. We can expect Land Rover to offer some clarification on the matter in the near future.