Leap Motor SUV Concept Officially Seen For The First Time

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Leap Motor, the same company that brought the LP-S01 electric sports car to China is now ready to dip their toes into the SUV waters as they release new images of their SUV concept.

From what we can see from the new sketches, it looks like the SUV will come with a nonconventional front as it will not be given a real grille. What it will have are the headlights and LED daytime running lights with a bar connecting the two sides.

The concept was also given a panoramic roof. According to Leap Motor, the vehicle will be powered by an all-electric powertrain that will be offering about 310miles and will have an advanced system with Level 3 autonomy.

While they have not announced if it will be coming, it was rumored that we will be seeing the production model in 2020.